Sustainability and efficiency are Curtis Kornelson’s goals for his farming operation as he hopes to one day hand the farm down to his son. That’s why he adopted variable rate technology on his farm more than ten years ago.

Curtis Kornelson is a third generation farmer – he grows green lentils, canola, durum and barley on just over 8,000 acres northwest of Kindersley, Saskatchewan. Curtis’ father still helps out on the farm and Curtis’ 13-year-old son, Dale, is learning the ropes with the hopes of taking over the family farm one day. To help with future farm planning, Curtis began using Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture’s Optimize RX® for variable rate more than a decade ago, prioritizing sustainability and efficiency on his farm.

“I’m a long-term thinker.”

Sustainability and efficiency

Curtis started looking into variable rate technology with a desire to learn more about his land and soil. He uses that information to ensure his farm is sustainable, both now and in the future. As he learned more about his land, Curtis was surprised at the amount of variability across his farm. He knew he had some rolly land, but, overall, he has good, heavy soil – so he didn’t expect to learn that he had so much variability in his soil profile and nutrition requirements. 

 Soil sampling as part of the Optimize RX® solution gave Curtis the information he needed to fully understand his soil profile. That empowered him to put the right amount of fertilizer in the right places to achieve his yield goals, which improved the overall efficiency on his farm.


What you need, where you need it

Curtis values being proactive, and having a plan in place for this year and next means less second-guessing.

“Products that we’re putting down in the long run are healthier for our soil versus throwing down a lump sum and thinking that, with rain, it’s going to get all used up at some point,” says Curtis. 

In addition to improving efficiency, Curtis’ variable rate program also helps his crops emerge consistently. In fact, overall, his crops are more even throughout the season. This consistent staging allows for more efficient in-crop application timing. Additionally, he sees less lodging in the hollows and low spots – so he no longer has to combine around those low spots, only to return later to clean them up. And he’s hitting his target yield goals each year. 

“We’re basically putting down what we need to grow a crop to cover our costs and to carry on next year.” 

Long-term relationships build trust

Curtis values the long-term relationships that he’s built with his Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture team, including local territory manager Brennan Sommerville and agronomist Garth Donald. Their strong support and solid product knowledge have built a foundation of trust. 

Curtis recently added Know-Risk® crop marketing from Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture to his tool kit, capitalizing on more efficiencies for his farm. 

 “Working with one company, with a program that’s all tied together, we’re just that much more efficient when it comes to making decisions and what’s best for my farm. I just want my farm to succeed and to carry on and help the next generation.”

“I trust the team, and I trust the technology.”

Read more about Optimize RX and Know-Risk online, or download our “Sustainable Nutrient Management” ebook.