Certified Seed with Variable Rate Seeding

FP Genetics has teamed up with Decisive Farming to increase the efficiency and profitability of farming by combining FP Genetics certified seed with Decisive Farming’s patent pending variable rate seeding (Optimize RX-S). The benefits of the combination are clear; increased yield, reduced disease & insects and higher profit. Increase your net profit per acre by putting the right amount of certified seed in the right place.

FP Genetics is a seed production, distribution and sales company in Western Canada. 148 seed growers and retail shareholders own FP Genetics Inc. These shareholders are seed experts who provide expert advice on the right seed for the right soil to commercial growers. They provide the leading varieties from a range of crop types including wheat, barley, oats, flax, triticale, peas, lentils and rye that are licensed to FP Genetics Inc.

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