Part of the TELUS Agriculture Family

As you may know, in November 2020, we announced the launch of TELUS Agriculture. TELUS Agriculture is a family of solutions that includes farm management systems, variable rate technologies, advanced imagery analytics and workflow management.
We are excited to bring you time-saving solutions like the new TELUS Agriculture Weather Station to help streamline decisions and increase workflow efficiencies on your farm.
The TELUS Agriculture Weather Station has Pessl hardware and software supported by local service suited for your farming operation to help you achieve your production goals. It’s a reliable solution for all crops, providing sophisticated field monitoring and forecasting with the option to connect to a soil probe.

Make Farm Management Easier

Make managing your farm easier by keeping everything at your fingertips with simply designed, easy-to-use software. Access the information you need and collaborate with your partners on-the-go.

Farm At Hand has tools to help farmers in three ways:

  • To track everything that’s happening on your farm in one easy to use place
  • To plan your crop year from overall crop mix to field specific blends
  • To connect to your team and on farm technologies to get the most out of your farm information.
Market information is a valuable farm management tool, but only when it’s being used to make educated decisions. Go into your crop marketing season with a plan you can be confident in. You’ll receive the expertise and personalized support you need to be proactive in the market. Put your trust in our partner, StoneX™, a Fortune 500 company and leading global franchise in risk management products.
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