TELUS Weather Station

Weather is one of your biggest and most unpredictable risks. We’re here to help.

Having accurate weather information can elevate your business decisions, help you plan efficiently, minimize your costs and maximize your profits. When you know more about what’s happening in your fields and what weather conditions are being forecast, decisions can be more accurate and timely.

Product Highlights

Weather monitoring

Work planning

Weather forecasting

Real-time weather warnings
Crop health management

Real-time data access and decision support

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TELUS Weather Station

Our powerful crop management solution uses real-time weather, crop and soil data to help save you time and money and get the most out of your fields.

TELUS Weather Solutions1

A weather solution that includes options to connect to crop disease models and a soil sensor that tracks temperature, moisture and salinity. Spend less time being reactive and more time being proactive. With performance insights in hand, you’ll always know the best use of your time at any moment so you can take immediate and appropriate action.

With the purchase of Pessl Instruments hardware, including the Eco D3 station2, subscriptions to the following are included3:

TELUS Weather desktop/mobile software to help manage your farming operation and achieve your production goals (included for one year)

  • Weather alerts
  • Access to field-level weather
  • Access to weather history

Option to purchase the following additional features:

  • Sentek TriSCAN® soil sensor (90cm)
  • Crop disease models
  • Forecasting

Safeguard your production

  • A solar-powered weather station gives you sophisticated field monitoring and forecasting.
  • Built on Pessl hardware, the weather station is connected to sensors that capture data like temperature, rainfall, leaf wetness, wind speed and direction as well as optional soil sensors that track soil moisture and salinity.
  • Use your mobile device or desktop to track temperature, precipitation and relative humidity, and monitor site-specific precision weather forecast.
  • Local service and support to help meet farming and production goals.

Optimize your plant protection strategy

  • Real-time weather data can guide decisions on when to irrigate and spray
  • Predictive analytics to protect crops and help prevent crop disease and pest threats
  • Use accurate weather data to manage the growing season and support operations by recalling past weather conditions on a specific date
  • Help increase the effectiveness of products by predicting the best times to perform field activities
  • Help reduce crop risks by monitoring for severe weather conditions

Boost your overall efficiency

  • Help improve agronomic decisions based on local data. Public weather information may not reflect what’s really happening on fields as their data-generating stations may be hundreds of miles away
  • Gain real-time information on weather conditions and prevent unnecessary trips to fields
  • Connect to your station from the comfort of your office or when you’re on the go

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4+ stars | 50K+ ratings

4+ stars | 50K+ ratings

Don’t just take our word for it

With the weather station, it’s pretty easy to understand and you really get lots of useful information. After it was all said and done, I think it was definitely the right decision.”
— Spencer Shouse, STR Farms, TELUS Weather Station customer, Saskatchewan

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1. Offer only available in Canada. Purchase and use of TELUS Weather Solutions are subject to TELUS’ or Decisive Farming’s approval including cell coverage availability in your area, and terms and conditions. TELUS Weather Solutions require a cell signal to send the data to the software. Speed may vary with your device, internet traffic, environmental conditions, and other factors. TELUS or Decisive Farming reserves the right to alter or modify the solution at any time.

2. Customer must purchase the hardware separately. Customer acknowledges that such hardware is subject to the applicable manufacturer’s terms, conditions and warranties, and neither TELUS nor Decisive Farming makes any representations or warranties with respect to the hardware unless specifically set out in the customer agreement

3. TELUS Weather Solutions include access to the software on a subscription basis. Hardware purchase, installation and/or maintenance charges are extra. Annual fees will be invoiced on the anniversary date of the first invoice. Customers can purchase additional weather stations or soil sensors to best suit their operations. Prices may change after the first twelve months of the term of the customer agreement.