Decisive’s solutions are part of our ‘tool box’ and will continue to be.

– Redstar Farms

A collaborative approach to
farm management

Telus Agriculture Weather Stations

Make More Informed
Crop Management Decisions

Crop Marketing

Have Confidence
In Your Plan

Through a collaborative approach to farm management, precision agronomy, and crop marketing, you’ll achieve results you never expected. Start managing your farm the way you’ve always wanted by teaming up with experts that have your best interest in mind.

Connect and Streamline

Live your life, on-farm and off. Connect and work anywhere, anytime, in any conditions—giving you peace of mind even when you’re at the beach.

Optimize Production

From variable rate application to soil testing and agronomy, strategically manage production on your farm with a team of experts to get more from every zone.

Protect Your Margins

Get access to the commodity tools, expertise and personalized support you need to be confident and proactive in the market.

Transforming Experiences

Discover local growers with victories to share.

Let’s get to work. Together.

    My Farm Manager Partners

    The following partners provide services and technology that integrates directly into our farm management platform.