Operational health

Data behind the all-important farmer gut instinct.
Information generated by connected devices enable farmers to track farm operations and performance, make better informed decisions to improve farm productivity and yields and respond more quickly to their conditions, saving both time and money.

Benefits of connected devices for operational health

Fleet, equipment and telematics

Whether a fleet of two or 20, connected device sensors can import machine data to software to help monitor equipment location, fuel use and decode system or engine messages. Other sensors allow for capturing HD video and images for critical events and additional safety features. The future for farming equipment includes autonomous machinery, all enabled through optimized remote connectivity. Connected devices enable machine-to-machine communication through telematic sensors to pull in real-time data and allow for live coverage of farm activities.

Asset, inventory and commodity monitoring

Valuable equipment or inputs such fertilizer and fuel can be tracked real-time through remote access. Optimize your employee and logistical productivity with notifications such as alerts on tank level percentages. And automatically notify your supplier to initiate the refill of your tanks without having to manually check or monitor fuel levels.

Worker safety

Farmers work alone and, at times, in remote areas, which can lead to increased response times in the event of an accident. Connected devices help bring peace of mind through check-in and check-out features, fall detection wearables and monitoring services. Many of the devices are interchangeable and can extend that security for your family and employees while you manage your farm.

Reporting, analytics and real-time data

All connected device solutions allow you to access real-time information to help make more informed, data-driven business decisions. With historical analysis of all information, you can view trends to better understand your operation, enabling improved, proactive business decisions.

Farm Fuel Management

Solutions that help farm operations navigate towards a safer, efficient and more sustainable future by securing assets, leveraging sensors to track fuel and gaining insight into fuel usage. Regularly monitor fuel levels digitally to help eliminate downtime and improve efficiency during critical times.

Farm Bin Management

Gain greater insight into what’s happening inside your bins. This solution is designed to help preserve grain quality and prevent both spoilage and losses, and connect you to your most valuable assets anywhere at any time in order to support your business decisions.

Articles to help you go out in the field with confidence

Fuel your productivity and never run empty

Farm fuel management systems can do much more than save time and send alerts – regular monitoring of fuel levels can help reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

The 5 Ws of on-farm fleet management

With custom reports, including stats like fuel usage, engine runtime and maintenance recommendations, farmers can make proactive decisions to avoid equipment downtime at crucial points of the season.

Tech solution helping farmers stay connected to protect their best asset – their people.

Plenty of farmers have stories about times when things went awry while working alone: machinery broke down in a field or a ladder fell and left them stranded up high. But when those situations become emergencies, getting help in a timely manner is imperative for avoiding a devastating outcome.