About us

We will empower you with enriched information for decision making by providing you with new technologies that create improved ways to collaborate and link systems together. The solutions we create together today will fuel efficiency and growth within the farm ecosystem tomorrow.

We are dedicated to working with you through a collaborative approach to deliver tailored solutions. Our core value of amazing customer service enables you to get time back for what matters most.

Enhancing farming in three ways:

Time-saving applications

Share accurate information across your team, provide more reliable and efficient workflows, and streamline relationships.

Streamlining Communication

Track and assess all your historical information to more accurately plan for the future. Communicate the broader story or a specific detail of your operation to anyone, at any time.

A Complete Solution

Our collaborative approach incorporates your entire farm ecosystem within our single operating platform, providing you with a holistic view that allows you to truly optimize the profitability of your acres.

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With increasing pressure from a world that has never been further from the farm, we focus on helping you tell the story on how you grow more food, more sustainably.

Nutrient Stewardship

The days of applying a flat rate of fertilizer to entire fields is coming to an end. In its place is more efficient soil fertility and fertilizer management practices that follow the principles of nutrient stewardship.

Integrated Pest Management

Just like everything else on your farm, good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) comes down to decision making. IPM can help reduce the chance of pesticide resistance while improving stewardship, efficiency, crop health and grain quality.

Experienced Leadership

Garth Donald | Manager of Agronomy

Garth Donald is a founder, former director and the Manager of Agronomy at Decisive Farming. Garth has been instrumental to the agronomic development and in the field application of Optimize RX with farmers across Western Canada. He is responsible to ensure that every soil test and agronomic recommendation is provided to the customer at the highest standards. Previously, he spent 14 years at DynAgra where he worked his way up; starting as field man to corporate sales manager to manager of agronomy. Garth was raised on a mixed grains and livestock farm in Manitoba and holds Diploma in Agri Business from Assiniboine Community College. Garth is keen and passionate about his wife, NASCAR, hunting and travel.

Tasha Schmaltz | Chief Product Officer

Tasha brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the team from his 8 years as General Manager at CHS and DynAgra. As Chief Product Officer and Variable Rate Technology patent holder, Tasha has proven success delivering innovations that solve challenges facing modern farming.

Mike Coolidge | Head of Product Creation

Michael Coolidge provides design leadership to Decisive Farming’s business, marketing and software development teams. Over the past ten years, Michael has been instrumental in the development of Decisive Farming’s brand and product ecosystem, including the first three versions of the My Farm Manager® data platform and Croptivity® native apps. Michael holds a degree from the Alberta College of Art & Design and is passionate about the transformative potential of creative thinking.

Marc Wachmann | Head of Software Development

Responsible for the leadership of Decisive Farming’s software development team and evolving customized solutions for grower needs. Marc is well-known in the technology industry with over 36 years of experience. The first 24 years of his career was spent in various capacities including the early days of fibre optic research and working on some of the world’s first cellular mobile location-based services to the development of connected applications for mobile and SaaS platforms. From start-ups to large enterprises, he has successfully led teams to develop reputable solutions to the highest standard.

Breanne Baker | Marketing Engagement Lead

Taking on the role of Marketing Engagement Lead, Breanne will develop and manage the Decisive Farming marketing communications strategy, a critical role to help shift grower mindsets when it comes to incorporating an integrated farm management platform on farm. Breanne comes to Decisive Farming from McCann WorldGroup with over 10 years of agriculture marketing communications experience and a strong background in strategic development and project management. Her diverse background includes working with some of the ag industry’s leading companies.