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GrainFox is a data-driven farm wealth solutions platform. With Smart Advisor at its core, the GrainFox farm wealth toolkit features many powerful tools designed to provide producers with deeper insights into their grain marketing decisions. Did you know Farm At Hand connects with GrainFox for seamless account synchronization? Discover how you could save up to $800 for your farm from our partner¹.

Product Highlights

Farm Profile: Effortlessly track sales, manage inventory, and oversee contracts and deliveries all in one centralized hub.

Risk Profile: Identify level of risk tolerance to help guide personalized sales recommendations that coincide with business goals and needs.

Price Finder: Discover and compare crop prices effortlessly.

ROI Calculator: Calculate returns, chart expenses, and compare against provincial benchmarks.

Smart Advisor: Personalized sales recommendations, fine-tuned to your unique farm details, to help you make the most informed decisions.

Cash Flow Planner: Set cash flow goals and track all transactions, ensuring a healthy financial outlook for your farm.

Sales recommendations are not created equal.

No two farms are alike, and your needs will never be the same as another producer’s, which is why personalization is so important when making crop sales decisions.

The interplay between the aspects of your business that influence your sales decisions are the building blocks of Smart Advisor’s personalized sales recommendations. Using Farm Profile, Cash Flow Planner, and Risk Profile, you can enter the core farm details that will ultimately help you make better sales decisions.

These include your:

  • crop portfolio mix
  • cash flow goals & needs
  • storage constraints
  • risk tolerance

Why GrainFox could
be right for you

Sell smarter

Upload your farm details, like cash flow goals and storage constraints, and get personalized sales recommendations based on your unique needs. Know when to sell and when to hold.

Keep your finger on the pulse(s)

Get real-time expert market analysis, find and compare crop prices, set Price Alerts for the commodities that matter to you, and get all the market information you need in one place.

Dig deeper into your data

Use powerful tools like ROI Calculator and Cash Flow Planner to help you set clear goals, make predictions, and identify areas for improvement. Test out scenarios and make a plan.

Make decisions at the right time, from anywhere at anytime².

Between crop contracts, ever-changing markets, and the advice you get at your local elevator, the process of selling your crops and discovering grain prices can be noisy and even overwhelming. Cut through the clutter and make sense of it all with GrainFox.

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Market Intelligence
Smart Plan

Basic features

Barcharts: overview & detail
News & weather
Account members

Resource hub+

FarmLink publications *Western Canada

Daily Market Wire
Crop updates, sales recommendations, market updates
Market Advisory Service

DePutter publications *Eastern Canada

Good Morning Prairies
Ag Alert Plus
E-Morning Ontario

GrainFox Podcasts


GrainFox originals

Interest rate alert


Smart advisor & personalization

Personalized sales recommendations & dashboard

Price finder

Find & compare crop prices across North America

Risk profile

Discover your risk tolerance and apply it to your sales decisions

Farm profile

Farms, commodities, inventory, sales, reports


ROI calculator
Cash flow planner

Customer experience

Dedicated customer success manager
Customer support

Take full control of your sales decisions

  • Access your information anywhere, any time² with the GrainFox app for iOS and Android
  • Get crop updates and sales recommendations based on your specific farm details
  • Keep track of your operation: commodities, inventory, contracts, reports, & more

¹Valid for new GrainFox customers only and discount only applies to Market Intelligence and Smart Plan.

²Connectivity subject to internet availability in your area.

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