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Effective Date: May 23, 2014

Decisive Farming Corp.’s products and services are offered by Decisive  Farming  through web pages at www.decisivefarming.com and are  made  available  subject to applicable terms and conditions between us and our customers.   This Privacy Statement (“Statement“)  discloses  the  policies and practices  of  Decisive  Farming with respect to privacy and personal information. Personal information means information about an identified or identifiable individual.

By using the  Products  and  Services,  or voluntarily providing us with your personal information, you confirm that you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as set out in this Statement.   This Statement applies to all personal information that Decisive Farming collects, uses or discloses


At Decisive Farming we understand the importance of privacy. We treat our customers as part of our team and carefully protect personal information entrusted to us. We do not disclose  any personal  information  to any third party  without  your  informed consent  unless  we are required  by law to disclose  the information.  With  the growth  of electronic  media  we  recognize  that  it is necessary  to take  further  steps  to protect  the privacy  of  the  individual.  We  are  continually  looking  for  additional  ways  to ensure  that  the  personal  information  we  hold  is as secure  as possible. We have installed an SSL certificate with a 128 bit encryption that  encrypts  the  information  on  the  website  to ensure  that  personal  information entrusted to us remains secure.

This Statement describes the obligations, policies and practices of Decisive Farming under the Personal Information Protection Act (Alberta) and any other privacy legislation that may be applicable in specific circumstances.   Decisive Farming may amend this Statement from time to time, for example, to ensure it remains accurate and to comply with changes in the law, so reference should be made to the effective date above to ensure that reference is being made to the most recent version.

While Decisive Farming may choose, in any particular case, to go further than the law requires, Decisive Farming does reserve all its rights to rely on any available statutory exemptions or exceptions and nothing in this Statement should be take to waive Decisive Farming’s rights.


Decisive Farming generally collects, uses and discloses personal information about the following types of individuals:

  • Employees, for the purposes of establishing, managing and terminating employment, volunteer, student and contractor relationships;
  • Shareholders and investors in Decisive Farming;
  • Individuals employed with or contracted to suppliers, customers and other corporations, persons or entities with a potential or actual business or contractual relationship with Decisive Farming;
  • Individuals who are potential or actual customers of Decisive Farming;
  • Other individuals who may voluntarily choose to provide Decisive Farming with personal information, or whose information Decisive Farming may receive as permitted or required by law; and
  • Individuals whose personal information may be included in data collected or processed by Decisive Farming in the course of providing its services to its clients.


It is Decisive Farming’s policy to collect, use and disclose personal information only for purposes that are reasonable.

Subject to this Statement and applicable legislation, Decisive Farming will identify the purposes for collection, use and disclosure in advance of collection.  It is generally the policy of Decisive Farming to notify you of the purposes for collection, use or disclosure at or before the time of collection and to obtain your consent to Decisive Farming’s collection, use or disclosure of your personal information.

There are a number of exceptions to the above.  In some circumstances, such as with certain personal information related to employees, Decisive Farming does not require consent to collect, use or disclose personal information but is required to provide notification in advance.   In other circumstances, specifically those set out in the Personal Information Protection Act, such as emergencies, investigations or legal proceedings, Decisive Farming  may not be required to obtain consent or provide notification.

It is the policy of Decisive Farming to not make providing us your personal information a condition to Decisive Farming providing a product or a service, except to the extent that the personal information is reasonably required to provide that product or service.

Where consent has been given by you, your consent may be withdrawn or revoked at any time.  Should consent to our collection, use, disclosure or retention of personal information be revoked by you, the law allows us to continue to retain the information for as long as is reasonable for legal or business purposes.   In the event that revocation of consent may have consequences to you, we will advise you of those consequences where it is reasonable in the circumstances to do so.


Decisive Farming generally collects, uses and discloses personal information for the following purposes:

  • To recruit, hire, manage and terminate our employees;
  • To provide products and services to you;
  • For such business or legal purposes of Decisive Farming as may be identified and, subject to applicable law and this Statement, communicated to you;
  • To promote our business, products and services and otherwise manage our relations with potential and actual customers;
  • To manage our relationship with potential and actual suppliers and other persons or entities with which we may have a relationship, or be seeking a relationship;
  • To fulfill our legal obligations;
  • To manage our relationship with and our obligations with respect to our shareholders, investors, officers and directors. Decisive Farming is required by applicable law and regulatory authorities to collect, use and disclose certain information with respect to its shareholders, investors, officers and directors;
  • Personal information from other individuals may be collected when such Individuals contact Decisive Farming for a variety of reasons personal to them, or provide personal information voluntarily for specified purposes.   For example, if you contact us with an inquiry, or a request for an estimate, or to sign up for our newsletter, or to participate in a survey, contest or sweepstakes, we will use the information you provide to assist us in responding to you and communicating with you.


We do not collect any personal information from you when you simply visit our website.  However, you should be aware that most web servers do collect some information about visitors, such as the browser and version you are using, your operating system, and your “IP” or internet address, which may identify your Internet Service Provider or computer but normally not the person using it.

We also use “cookies” on our site. Cookies are small pieces of information that our server places on a visitor’s computer hard drive to enable that person to use our site more easily. For example, we place a cookie on your computer when you visit our site. The next time that person visits our site using the same computer our server will recognize the cookie and the visitor. Many web browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. You may change your browser settings to reject cookies or notify you when a cookie is about to be placed on your computer. Please note, however, that if you reject cookies, certain parts of our website may not operate as efficiently as they would if cookies were enabled.  We also use cookies to monitor trends in how our web site is used in order to strive to continuously improve it.

If you voluntarily submit personal information to Decisive Farming by email or other means for purposes of obtaining information, we will consider that you have done so with your consent for purposes reasonably related to your providing the information.  If reasonable to do so, after our initial response, we may send further information to you with information that may be useful, but we will include instructions on how to terminate receiving such further information.   Please be advised that the Internet and email are inherently insecure media, and we do not take responsibility for the security or privacy of personal information in transit over the Internet.

Please also note that our web site may contain links to other websites which are provided as a convenience for visitors to our website only. Any third party web sites will have their own privacy policies and practices, and Decisive Farming cannot be responsible for such third parties or their websites.


Decisive Farming may maintain mailing and distribution lists, such as for our email newsletter, in order to provide and periodically distribute information to interested individuals, including customers and suppliers of Decisive Farming, recipients of products and services from Decisive Farming, and any other interested individuals, with their consent.    Recipients may withdraw their consent at any time.    It is the policy of Decisive Farming to provide a mechanism for withdrawing consent to receiving information from Decisive Farming.


When we collect, use or disclose personal information, particularly where the information is used by Decisive Farming to make a decision affecting an individual, Decisive Farming will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is accurate, up to date, and complete.  This may involve requesting further information or updates from you and we ask that you advise us of changes to your personal information so that our records may remain current.


The law allows Decisive Farming, for legal or business purposes, to retain personal information only for as long as is reasonable.  Upon expiry of an appropriate retention period, bearing in mind reasonable legal and business requirements, personal information will either be destroyed in a secure manner or made anonymous.  There are legally required minimum retention periods, which Decisive Farming must and does observe.


Decisive Farming may use third party service providers to process or deal with records, documents, data and information on behalf of Decisive Farming, and such records, documents, data and information may include personal information.  In order to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information processed on behalf of Decisive Farming by its service providers, Decisive Farming will use contractual and similar measures with such service providers, including contractual non-disclosure provisions.

Decisive Farming may use “cloud computing” third party service providers, and those providers may be either in or outside Canada, and the data housed, hosted and processed by such providers may reside in or outside of Canada, and may include personal information about individuals.  Where consent or notification is legally required, it is Decisive Farming’s policy to notify individuals about any such service providers outside of Canada, and such notification will include the way in which the individual may obtain access to written information about Decisive Farming’s policies and practices with respect to service providers outside of Canada and the name or tile of a person who can answer any questions about the collection, use, disclosure or storage of personal information by any service providers outside Canada.


We are required by Alberta law to comply with the following: Where an incident occurs involving the loss of or unauthorized access to or disclosure of personal information under our control, where a reasonable person would consider that there exists a real risk of significant harm to an individual as a result of the loss or unauthorized access or disclosure, we will, without unreasonable delay, provide notice to the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Alberta of the incident, including any information required by law at the time to be provided to the Commissioner.  While Alberta law provides that the Commissioner has the authority to require us to notify individuals of the unauthorized access or disclosure, we may elect to immediately do so in the event we consider it reasonable in the circumstances.


Alberta law permits you to submit written requests to us to provide you with:

  • Access to your personal information under the custody or control of Decisive Farming;
  • Information about the purposes for which your personal information has been and is being used; and
  • The names of organizations or persons to whom and the circumstances in which personal information has been and is being disclosed by Decisive Farming.
  • Requests for access are subject to the following:
  • Any requests must be in writing;
  • We do not accept such requests or respond to such requests via email (this is because email is not fully dependable, plus we need to verify the identity of the requesting party in order to protect your privacy);
  • In order to receive a response to such a request, you must provide us with sufficient information to locate your record, if any, to verify your identity and right to the information, and to respond to you;
  • We will respond to requests in the time allowed by Alberta law, which is generally 45 days;
  • We will make a reasonable effort to assist you and to respond as accurately and completely as reasonably possible;
  • All requests may be subject to any fees and disbursements the law permits us to charge; and
  • Where appropriate to do so, we may require advance payment of a deposit or the entire costs of responding to a request for access to personal information.
  • Please note that your ability to access your personal information under our control is not an absolute right.  Alberta law provides that Decisive Farming must not disclose personal information where:
  • The disclosure could reasonably be expected to threaten the safety or physical or mental health of an individual other than the individual who made the request;
  • The disclosure would reveal personal information about another individual; or
  • The disclosure would reveal the identity of an individual who has in confidence provided us with an opinion about another individual and the individual providing the opinion does not consent to the disclosure of his or her identity.

Alberta law also provides that Decisive Farming may choose not to disclose personal information in certain circumstances including:

  • The personal information is protected by any legal privilege;
  • The disclosure of the information would reveal confidential commercial information and it is not unreasonable to withhold that information;
  • The personal information was collected by Decisive Farming for an investigation or legal proceeding; or
  • The disclosure of the personal information might result in similar information no longer being provided to us when it is reasonable that it would be provided.


Our responses to requests for access to personal information will be in writing, and will confirm:

  • Whether we are providing all or part of the requested information,
  • Whether or not we are allowing access or providing copies of any records containing the requested information, and,
  • If access is being provided, when and how that will be given.

Where a record in the custody or control of Decisive Farming contains information Decisive Farming cannot provide, or is entitled to choose to not provide, Decisive Farming will, where possible and reasonable to do so, redact the information not provided and provide the remaining information.

If access to information or copies are refused by us, we will provide written reasons for such refusal and the section of the Personal Information Protection Act, or other applicable legislation, on which that refusal is based.  We will also provide the name or position title of an individual at Decisive Farming who can answer questions about the refusal, and particulars of how you can ask the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta to review our decision.   In order to receive a response to such a request, you must provide us with sufficient information to locate your record, if any, and to respond to you.


Alberta law permits you to submit written requests to us to correct errors or omissions in your personal information that is in our custody or control. If you allege errors or omissions in the personal information in our custody or control, we will either:

  • Correct the personal information and, if reasonable to do so, and if not contrary to law, send correction notifications to any other organizations to whom we disclosed the incorrect information; or
  • Decide not to correct the personal information but annotate the personal information that a correction was requested but not made.

Corrections or amendments will rarely, if ever, be made to opinions, including expert or professional opinions, as opposed to factual information, which may be corrected if in error.


If at any time you wish to have your name removed from our mailing list, please contact us at 1 800 941 4811 and ask to remove your address from our records.

If you have any questions with respect to our policies concerning the collection, use, disclosure or handling of your personal information, or if you wish to request access to, or correction of, your personal information under our care and control, or if you are dissatisfied with, or have a complaint about how we handle your personal information, please contact us at:

Phone: 1 800 941 4811
Fax: 1 888 886 1181

Mailing Address:
PO Box 730
Irricana, Alberta T0M 1B0

Street Address:
330 1 Ave
Irricana, Alberta T0M 1B0

If you remain dissatisfied after we have reviewed and responded to your concern, or have other concerns or questions, you have the right at any time to contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Alberta at:

410, 9925 – 109 Street
Edmonton, AB T5K 2J8
Telephone (780) 422-6860
Fax (780) 422-5682