Soil health

You deserve healthy soil.
Use precise nutrient information to get optimal performance from your crops. Through a collaborative approach, you’ll experience tailored advice in soil testing, agronomy and both variable rate fertilizer and seeding applications.

Make decisions confidently with tailored recommendations

Improved input efficiency

Look closely at the available nutrient sources to make informed decisions when balancing nutrients for optimal plant growth.

Improved soil health

Understand how your soil nutrient levels are changing so you can manage and balance nutrient levels in ways that bring the most potential to your crop.

Optimal crop nutrition

Boost nutrient uptake, maintain or increase soil organic matter and decrease loss to the environment.

Increased crop quality

Increase understanding around all the ways you can achieve better quality, increased protein or more uniform establishment across all your acres.

Optimized yield & profitability potential

Better understand what’s happening in your soil and gain a more accurate picture of your yield potential from field to field.

Sustainable field management

Understand and adapt to your soil’s variable qualities, and prevent application loss to volatilization, denitrification and leaching.

Hands on agronomic guidance

Precise field boundaries

Multi-year satellite imagery and soil testing

Personalize fertility and seeding prescriptions
Equipment setup

Variable rate

We work with you to look at the driving factors of each area of your farm and provide a tailored nutrient plan based on the needs of each crop variety, field and zone.

Soil sampling

Get an accurate measure of your nutrient requirements with year-round soil sampling.

Articles to help you go out in the field with confidence

Crop rotation and soil health

Rotating crops can have production benefits, including helping to increase yield as well as improving nutrients and organic matter in the soil.

Results from the ground up

When your soil profile is strong and not deficient in nutrients or minerals, you increase your chance of a successful growing season.

Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria

Assumptions can cost you so ensure you know with certainty what your soil’s nutrient levels are. The best way to know? Proper soil testing.