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Go into your crop marketing season with a plan you can be confident in. You’ll receive the expertise and personalized support you need to be proactive in the market. Put your trust in our partner, StoneX®, a Fortune 500 company and leading global franchise in risk management products.

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Your personal advisor will guide you through all grain marketing alternatives, existing market trends and market signals in order to make sound marketing decisions. A trusted partner is key to understanding your options.

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Market information is a valuable farm management tool but only when it’s being used to make educated market decisions. Work with a team of experts to choose the most profitable crops to grow, establish target prices as well as execute and implement contracts.

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Monitoring global trends, weather patterns and currency fluctuations requires time and commitment. Whether it’s your first season or your twenty-first, you’ll get an advisor to back you along the way. Every team can benefit from a coach to help mentor, support and guide them.

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Build your knowledge with webinars, workshops, daily market reports and one-on-one meetings with an advisor.


Get access to commodity tools, expertise and the personalized support you need to make proactive decisions in the market.

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Articles to help you go out in the field with confidence

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For grain producers and speculators, basis plays a major role in whether crops are taken to market or stored to sell later.

How to develop a rock-solid grain marketing plan

By addressing your yields, contracting, and crop pricing, you can routinely avoid most uncertainties.

Maximize your harvest with grain futures trading

Grain futures trading can be a great way to maximize the returns on your harvest