Gain greater insights into what’s happening inside your bins.

Connect your bin assets directly to the cloud.

Product Highlights

Real-time information to monitor grain

Compatible with most existing digital cables

Mobile & web applications

Data and grain level trends

Customizable alerts

Historical and real-time reporting

Temperature and moisture monitoring

Simple self-installation

TELUS Farm Bin Management helps you gain greater insight into what’s happening inside your bins.

This solution is designed to help preserve grain quality and prevent both spoilage and losses, and connect you to your most valuable assets anywhere at any time in order to support your business decisions.

Your connected farmyard

Track and monitor your grain inventory in the palm of your hand utilizing wireless technology and broad sensor applications – connecting you to your business even if you are away.

Decrease loss and spoilage risk

Gain insight into what’s happening inside your bins with customizable alerts that monitor bin temperature and moisture every hour – the accuracy of real-time information can help you maximize on opportunities, helping to increase your bottom line.

Get time back

Monitor bin conditions from a single app, helping digitize the collection and storage of critical information and eliminate manual trips out to the bin – giving you time back for other important activities.

Farm Bin Management

Existing digital bin cables are required. Chat with one of our representatives to learn how to get bin management solutions on your farm.