Maximizing efficiency with Optimize RX® variable rate technology

V33 Farms, operated by the Melnyk family for roughly three decades, spans 3,000 acres in the Peace Country of Alberta. Keith Melnyk, alongside his father John and brother Wayne, cultivate a diverse array of crops including canola, wheat, peas, oats, and forage grasses. In 2016, Keith embraced a significant shift from flat rate to variable rate fertilizer application by adopting Decisive Farming’s Optimize RX®.

The challenge: one size fits all

Prior to 2016, Keith managed fertilizer application based on his own experience and understanding of the land, which often led to a one-size-fits-all approach. However, Keith was looking to refine his nutrient management practices, improve input efficiency, and enhance crop yield potential by moving to a more precise, data-driven fertilizer application method.

The solution: Implementing a fertilizer strategy 

Keith began with a trial of Optimize RX on 320 acres, which yielded impressive results. Encouraged by the initial success, Keith expanded the use of variable rate technology across his farm.

Implementation steps:


  • Initial Optimize RX trial and assessment of results.
  • Development of ongoing nutrient management plans with Decisive Farming’s Territory Manager, Landon Vandemark, and Manager of Agronomy, Garth Donald.
  • Implementation of fall and spring fertilizer prescriptions tailored to the specific needs of V33 Farms.

Zone management with Optimize RX, a data driven fertilizer approach.

The key to using VR technology to optimize your production is extremely zone management specific and that’s why selecting a proven program is important. With anywhere from five-to-seven zones in a field, all with differing soil characteristics and topography, each must be treated very differently.

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The results: optimizing fertilizer usage

Variable rate technology provided by Optimize RX significantly benefited V33 Farms’ bottom line. For canola, Keith has been able to reduce fertilizer usage while maintaining yields. For cereals, the same amount of fertilizer now results in higher yields. This precision in application has directly increased profit margins.

Keith’s experience with Decisive Farming’s personalized service has streamlined the fertilization process, making it less stressful and more efficient, even during the busiest times of the year.

Keith recognizes the dynamic nature of farming, understanding that each year presents new learning opportunities and the need for adaptability. Yet, the constant that remains is the use of Optimize RX for variable rate applications, which has become integral to the farm’s operations.

With increased yields, efficient use of inputs, and a highly responsive service experience, Keith Melnyk of V33 Farms confirms his commitment to Optimize RX variable rate technology. The system has proven its value and has become an essential component in the farm’s pursuit of agricultural excellence.