Strategic farming innovations – A testament by Calvin Wood


Calvin Wood, a seasoned second-generation farmer, operates near Corning, Saskatchewan, cultivating a variety of crops since 1981. Embodying the spirit of innovation, he has engaged in diverse farming projects and collaborations, continuously seeking advancements in farming practices.

The challenge: Navigating one’s way around grain markets isn’t easy

Between crop contracts, ever-changing market conditions, and the advice farmers get at their local elevator, the process of selling crops and finding and comparing the best grain prices can be overwhelming. Calvin found himself sitting in front of the computer and searching for daily market information on his own, consuming a lot of his time.


The solution: incorporating a complete solution for crop marketing

Calvin discovered Decisive Farming through TELUS Agriculture’s visible presence in the community. The Know-Risk™ solution, offered by Decisive’s partners at StoneX, caught his attention as a tool for intelligent crop marketing, appealing due to its strategic approach to sales percentages rather than unpredictable market timing.

Implementation steps:

  • Initiation with Decisive Farming
  • Utilization of StoneX’s brokerage services for crop marketing advice.
  • Integration of Farm At Hand app for inventory management.

Market insights delivered right to you with KnowRisk™, a commodity solution available through Decisive Farming.

Get access to a personal advisor to guide you through all grain marketing alternatives, existing market trends and market signals in order to make sound marketing decisions.

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The results: Market insights delivered right to you

Calvin’s testimonial highlights the invaluable daily market reports and decision-making insights received from Know-Risk™, which have enhanced his marketing strategy, and the simplicity brought by Farm At Hand in tracking his inventory.

Calvin regularly reads the daily market reports provided by StoneX, which highlight the current markets and what could be contributing to changes in the market.

The exploratory phase of Decisive Farming’s integration yielded results that convinced Calvin and his father of the long-term value, cementing a commitment to their services.

Additional impact: Agronomy and continuous support

The collaboration extended to agronomy, where local Co-op and Decisive Farming agronomists’ shared app data resulted in informed decision-making. Calvin credits Decisive Farming’s soil testing approach and the nuanced nutrient management advice for the steady increase in his yield potential.

“Working with them… You’ll never regret it.” – Calvin Wood.