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Here’s a great idea for saving money on the movement of purebred cattle. Helge and Candace By of By Livestock in Regina have started a website called Cowpool.ca. The name is a take-off on car pooling. You often see a cattle trailer hauling only half a load or you see it running down the highway empty because it doesn’t have a backhaul. With Cowpool.ca, producers can go on the site and read about opportunities to cooperate on cattle movement and they can enter their own cattle movement information. Helge says there are still many female sales this fall where the site may come in handy, but the service should be especially useful during the busy bull sale season in the spring. He’s hopeful the site will encourage transportation efficiency and save producers a few dollars. Right now, there’s only one posting on the site. A couple of bulls are being moved from Whitewood, Saskatchewan to Alta Genetics in Alberta and the producer doesn’t have a backhaul. Of course, the more postings there are on the site, the more likely it will be useful. When you have purebred cattle to move, check out Cowpool.ca. I’m Kevin Hursh.