A guy who runs a custom grain vac business gave me some good advice that I’d like to pass along. Check grain bins for spoiled grain on the top and if you have a problem, you’re best solution may be a grain vac. Moisture tends to accumulate in the center-top of a grain bin. That’s where you may find significant spoilage. On some crops, the entire top of the bin is prone to crusting over. If you start loading grain out of the bin, the spoiled grain on the top is sucked down into the load. By the time you know there’s a problem, there’s often no way to remedy the situation. If you find the spoiled grain before loading, you can sometimes remove the problem with a shovel. However, this can be difficult depending upon how full the bin is and the size of the access holes. This can be a great use for a grain vac. Since you don’t actually have to plant your feet in the grain, there’s less mixing of the spoiled grain and the good grain. Plus a grain vac can be used if the bin is full or if the grain is eight feed down from the lid. Whether you own a grain vac, rent a grain vac, or hire the services of someone with a grain vac, getting rid of spoiled grain on the top of bins is a great use for this technology. I’m Kevin Hursh.