Take advantage of any little break you get in the weather. As I read emails from producers around the province, that’s a theme that emerges this year. Whether it was seeding, weed control, or now harvest, the producers with the best success are those who jumped on any reasonable window of opportunity to get the equipment rolling. It doesn’t always work that way. Some years you kick yourself for pushing the envelope. You regret not waiting for more optimal conditions. Patience would have been the correct course of action. This year, optimal conditions for field work have been fleeting. Jumping the gun has been the right decision. So far, the wet pattern that has prevailed throughout the growing season shows no sign of changing. Hopefully, we’ll get a break and see an extended dry spell at some point. In the meantime, there will be combines rolling and lots of tough and even damp grain going into aeration bins whenever an opportunity arises. It’s better to be putting tough grain into aeration now versus a month from now. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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