The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association has sent out a news release saying what many producers have been thinking – the so-called AgriRecovery program needs established consistent guidelines.

The MCPA lobbied both the Manitoba and federal governments for an AgriRecovery program for cattle producers in the southwest corner of that province due to extreme drought conditions. They asked for the same assistance offered to the Interlake and Westlake regions due to flooding. Manitoba was denied drought assistance, but assistance was recently announced for livestock producers in dry regions in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Although it was touted as a way to avoid ad hoc, politically-motivated farm support programs, AgriRecovery seems just as political and just as arbitrary. What were the criteria for including some Saskatchewan RMs and Alberta counties, while excluding others? How was the per animal payment level determined? Can AgriRecovery play any role in the wet planting issues now plaguing producers? Lots of questions. Very few answers.

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