With over 270 weather stations across Alberta giving daily or hourly reading on various weather observations, Alberta farmers have access to interactive tools through the ACIS website to help long-term planning and decision making based on current and past weather trends. Using maps to capture statistics and trends, some going back as far as 50 years, the information can be used to improve risk assessment for flood and drought forecasting, water use efficiency strategies, insect and disease modeling and even for crop insurance purposes.

The hourly and daily observations include:

Precipitation (273 stations)

Temperature (269 stations)

Humidity (180 stations)

Solar radiation (73 stations)

Two metre wind speed (132 stations)

Two metre wind direction (67 stations)

Ten metre wind speed and direction (111 stations)

Soil moisture and temperature (36 stations)

Snow depth (25 stations)

There are over 3000 maps of weather and climate related information to view that provide you with useful data to manage your farm. Click here to visit the site and let us know what you think.

Precipitaion Map

Precipitaion Map