Collection F of the Flood Rose project pictured above.

In response to the devastation caused by the June floods of 2013 the Alberta Flood Rose project was created, over 450 artists donated a 4X4 art work representing the Alberta Rose. The Individual pieces were arranged in groups of 9X9 squares into 8 collections, totaling 648 art pieces

In August 2013 the 8 panels were auctioned off in support of the Red Cross for flood relief with $25,000 raised. The panels then went on tour around Alberta until April 2014. With the Anniversary of the floods Decisive Farming is proud was proud to share one of the panels with our local community. Collection F pictures above was on display at the Beiseker Sports day earlier this month and can still be seen at the Mountain View Credit Union. It will be on display at Irricana Summer Fair on July 12th 2014 so please stop by if you are in the area.

For a close up look at each of the pieces up close please see the Flood Rose Gallery