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We have friends who spend a good chunk of the winter on Vancouver Island. Here’s a story they emailed us from the Left Coast:


Animal lovers are nuts here. Hundreds of wild rabbits at the University in Victoria were captured by a group called EARS, the Earth Animal Humane Education and Rescue Society. The rabbits were brought to Coombs, near Parksville and released into a fenced area at a so called animal sanctuary where the animal lovers felt the rabbits would be happy. They are happy, and their numbers are increasing fast. In addition to making more bunnies, the rabbits escape and dig holes on neighbouring farmland. Farmers and their ag associations get mad that EARS can’t build a proper fence, and complaints fly to the provincial government which issued the relocation permit for the rabbits in the first place. Some farmers have trapped rabbits, much to the displeasure of EARS. The animal lovers get mad and acts of vandalism have been directed towards the farmers. Supporters of the farmers and supporters of the rabbits argue in the local papers. Animal lovers here have also set up sanctuaries for horses people no longer want, pot belly pigs people no longer want, and parrots people no longer want. 


That story from friends on Vancouver Island. Makes you wish there were sanctuaries for people with no common sense.

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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