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Namaka Enterprises, a large feedlot operation from southern Alberta has reportedly announced its intentions to set up a Saskatchewan operation southeast of Outlook in the southern end of the South Saskatchewan Irrigation District. Ultimately, the plan is for a 36,000 head feedlot which would make it the largest in the province. Local sources say Namaka has been securing land in the area for quite some time. There are concerns over the proposal, one of which is the proximity of the operation to the main irrigation canal. The rural municipality has scheduled a meeting for June 17 to present the feedlot proposal to the public and listen to feedback. If it goes ahead, this Namaka feedlot would be a bit bigger than the Pound-Maker feedlot at Lanigan. Pound-Maker has been a great asset for that entire region, but how an intensive livestock operation is managed determines whether it is a good corporate citizen. Another Alberta feedlot owner, Cor Van Raay has purchased a big block of land near Conquest. Many observers assume a feedlot is being planned for that area as well, but no intentions have been announced. I’m Kevin Hursh.