Many cattle producers have grown disenchanted with the increasing livestock identification and traceability requirements. However, the biggest benefits may yet to be seen and they may be unrelated to disease traceability. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is building a value chain database called the Beef InfoXchange System or BIXS. It will enable individual animal performance, health, carcass data and more to be uploaded to a central database at each step of the beef value chain. For the first time, producers will be able to follow the performance of their calves through the feedlot and into packing plants. Of course, the basis on the system will be the ID program which identifies each individual animal. If the ID is required anyway, we might as well be making use of it. Most cow-calf producers have no evidence of how their calves grow or how the carcasses grade. With information will come power – power to adjust genetics and production practices and hopefully the power to command premium prices for premium livestock. Officials are hoping for a spring launch. More information is available at I’m Kevin Hursh.