Calf prices were significantly stronger last week. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture publishes a Cattle Market Update based on the Canfax Market Outlook and Summary. Prices last week were up in all the weight classes, with most ranges up $3 to $6 per hundredweight. It’s unusual to see such a significant increase from one week to the next. Steer calves in the 500 to 600 weight range averaged nearly $132 per hundredweight, while 500 to 600 pound heifers averaged close to $116. As compared to the same week last year, calf prices are up by $25 to $30 per hundredweight. One a 600 pound animal, that’s an extra $150 to $180, the best paycheques cattle producers have seen in a long time. The run of cattle through auction markets was heavy last week at over 39,000 head as compared to 23,000 the week before. In addition, the value of the Canadian dollar was up a bit on the week as was the Lethbridge price for feed barley. All those factors would be considered negative for calf prices, but there was still strong buying interest.

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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