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Here in Canada, we’re enhancing our livestock identification programs. Individual animal ID with radio frequency ear tags, age verification, premise ID, animal movement records – about the only thing that isn’t planned is a GPS locator attached to each individual animal. Incredibly, American efforts for a National Animal Identification System are back to square one. After years of work and millions of dollars of investment, critics of the system have carried the day. Last week, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA will develop a new flexible framework for animal disease traceability. Efforts will only apply to animals moved in interstate commerce. The plan will be administered by the States and Tribal Nations. As well, lower-cost technology will be encouraged. The goal is a collaborative process meaning there will be lots of talking before anything happens. Some observers in the U.S. say this is a victory for the nation’s family farmers over the political power of corporate agribusiness. Here in Canada, we’re piling on more animal ID expenses, while our main trading partner is going the opposite direction. Most cattle producers on this side of the border understand and support individual animal ID, but are we now going too far? I’m Kevin Hursh.