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It’s easy to scoff at the import standards of other countries – standards that seem designed to restrict trade. However, as Canadians we need to get our house in order before we criticize too much. On one hand, we’re pushing other countries to develop a Low Level Presence (LLP) policy, but we don’t have one. The absence of an LLP is contributing to the problem with Canadian flax going into Europe. Since the GM variety known as Triffid isn’t registered in Europe, there’s essentially a zero tolerance. With a Low Level Presence policy, the idea is to give some credence to the registration policies in other reputable countries. If other countries after diligent testing say a crop variety is 100 per cent safe, it seems reasonable to accept that variety at low levels. After all, some minor mixing of crops is always going to occur. The default position should not be zero. Scores of new GM crop traits are coming in the years ahead. If Canada wants other countries to adopt reasonable import standards, we need to lead with an LLP policy of our own. I’m Kevin Hursh.