As producers consider their cropping options for next year, two crops are generating the most attention – canola and lentils. Despite the Chinese ban on Canadian canola due to blackleg concerns, prices are quite good. As the two new crushing plants at Yorkton come on stream, domestic demand should improve. Record canola yields were achieved this year, making canola a top money-earner in many regions. Expect more acres to go in the ground in the spring. The star performer has been lentils. Despite a huge Canadian crop, prices have been strong and rising, defying the predictions of many analysts. Lentil returns are even better than returns from canola, but lentils are not adapted to the higher moisture regions of the province. Lentil acreage will undoubtedly be higher next year and that has many producers worried. Will we overproduce the market demand and kill the goose that’s laying golden eggs? The interest in canola and lentils is understandable. Returns look meager for crops such as wheat, durum and barley. Flax and field peas are better than the cereals, but they aren’t stellar. The outlook could change in the months ahead, but at this point, canola and lentils are the bright lights. I’m Kevin Hursh.