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As the Get More Bushels Super Crop Plot Tour is just around the corner, July 29, 2009, the 13 different varieties of canola will be put to the test. With our side-by-side trials you will be able to compare the growth, flowering and maturity of each one. You will also get the chance to see the latest crop technologies that are available to you, and that will work for you. These agronomic technologies include DynAgra VRT, Avail and Pod Ceal.

DynAgra’s Variable Rate Technology involves applying fertilizers at a variable rate rather than a constant rate. This allows you to place the nutrients where they are needed, allowing you to fully tap into the potential of your fields.

Avail is a new technology that improves phosphate uptake. This Simplot product minimizes the adverse affect of chemical elements interfering with the phosphorous. Avail increases the potential for more phosphorous to be absorbed by the plants root system.

Brett Young’s Pod Ceal DC is an innovative harvest management tool which will help growers to enhance their canola bottom line. Pod Ceal DC reduces the risk of major shatter loss on the fields you don’t get to on time. The less shattering, the more viable canola seeds.

Since these technologies do not show their true colors until the canola is harvested, we will be providing you with this valuable information online once it becomes available.

Consider this your personal invitation to the 2009 Super Crop Plot Tour, Hope to see you there!!

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