Over the past couple of days, I’ve heard from a number of cattle producers questioning the electronic ID program. Some producers say they were initially supporters of individual animal ID. Others say the mandatory system has always been industry driven rather than producer driven. There are stories of poor retention rates for the RFID buttons and reports of cattle with numerous holes in their ears. The cost and the work involved in tagging and re-tagging animals are major points of contention. There are also stories of confusion over how the rules are applied by CFIA. Some producers are using the ID system for their own herd management, but still question Canada’s direction on the issue. Overwhelmingly, we have commodity beef and yet we’re implementing a Cadillac ID system. We have a beef industry that’s tied to the U.S., but our main trading partner has backed away from a national ID plan. For a law to work, people have to accept the reason for the law. Increasingly, Canadian cattle producers are wondering if the ID rules are paying any dividends. I’m Kevin Hursh.