The introduction of a Private Members Bill in the House of Commons is going to keep the Canadian Wheat Board debate on the front burner. Conservative Member of Parliament Bruce Stanton of Simcoe North has introduced Bill C-619, which would allow Western Canadian farmers to opt out of the Canadian Wheat Board. It isn’t clear to me why the bill was introduced by an MP from Ontario, when the issue is much dearer to the hearts of Saskatchewan MPs like David Anderson and Randy Hoback. However, the bill shows supporters than the Conservatives are still trying to deliver on their market choice promise. The way the bill is written, farmers would have the opportunity to opt out for a minimum of two years. This notice would have to be provided between January and April for the upcoming crop year. The premise is that the Canadian Wheat Board could still serve those producers who want to remain in the system. It’s a new way of getting at the same old market choice issue. Historically, a contentious Private Members Bill has had little chance of success. In the current minority government, the outcome is much less certain.

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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