Statement of Data Principles US

This is the US Statement of Data Principles. Click here for the CA Statement of Data Principles.


Effective date: June 28, 2016

At Decisive Farming, we are committed to providing our customers with resources and services that will help increase efficiency of operations, productivity and profitability.  This Statement of Data Principles (“Statement”), along with our Privacy Policy and our Master Services Agreement (“MSA”), describes our relationship with our customers and stakeholders, sets out the terms and conditions of our legal relationships, and summarizes our commitment to providing the best services and resources possible, while engaging in ongoing dialogue with all our stakeholders to make the best use of rapidly evolving technologies while providing the best services experience we can.

Our Privacy Policy describes our policies and practices with respect to personal information (meaning information that can identify a specific individual). This Statement describes and summarizes our data and security practices with respect to all information and data we receive, collect, use, process, disclose or with respect to which we provide services, or enable others to provide Services.  Capitalized terms in this Statement will have the meanings stated in this Statement, or in our MSA or Privacy Policy.   In the event of any conflict between this Statement and our Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy will take priority.  In the event of any conflict between this Statement and our MSA, our MSA will take priority.

Our Data Principles:

Transparency and Consistency: We strive to be transparent about our collection, use and disclosure of the data of all our Customers.  This Statement is intended to provide disclosure of how we collect, use and disclose the data of all our Customers. Our MSA is drafted to be consistent with this Statement.

Notice: We strive to notify and inform all our Customers of our data practices and principles, which is why we have published this Statement and made it available to all interested parties.  We also configure our Services to provide notification of the consequences of choices that Customers make in selecting which aspects of the Services to choose, and what data to upload into, or process or store, using the Services.

Consent: Our collection, use and disclosure of farm data will be only with the knowledge and consent of the farmer or Grower (“Grower”, as defined in the MSA). This consent may be given to us directly when the Grower becomes our Customer, or may be obtained by other Decisive Farming customers such as Service Providers, Dealers, or our other business partners, business partners of the Grower, our affiliates, or other third parties that have agreements with Growers, and enter into agreements with us and become parties to our MSA.

In all cases where our Customers or other parties other than Growers provide us with farm data, or use our Services to provide services to other parties, or to process data, we require that our Customers always confirm that they have the consent of the Grower, other Customer, or third party, to carry out their activities using our Services.

Ownership: As between us and our Customers, Customer data is owned by our Customers, and, subject to the rights of any third parties, Customers have a right to a copy of their data. However, we may create data about our interactions with the Customer, such as records of financial transactions, correspondence we send, marketing messages, support or assistance provided, etc., and we retain ownership of that data.

It is the responsibility of each Customer, in dealing with other Customers or third parties, to manage the ownership of, and licenses and rights to use their specific data.   For example, where a Grower discloses data to a service provider who becomes our Customer and uses our Services, we may not have a direct relationship with the Grower, so we rely on the Customer and the Grower to have defined their relationship and the permissions and authority granted by the Grower to our Customer to enter the Grower’s Data into our Services and process, use and disclose that data using our Services.

Under the MSA we do have the right to render Customer data anonymous and aggregate it with the data of other customers for our use and disclosure as part of the Services we provide, such as aggregate data, reports, data trends or projections, and other useful extractions of the data we receive from Customers (“Aggregate Data” as defined in the MSA).  We become the owners of the Aggregate Data.   We do not process data into Aggregate Data unless the owner of the data has entered into our MSA and expressly permitted us to do so. All references to data in this Statement do not include Aggregate Data unless stated otherwise.

Use of Data: We use data we receive only for purposes that we have identified and notified the Customer about, and that we legally have permission to use for those purposes.

Disclosure of Data: We disclose data only for purposes we have identified, and disclose only to parties we have identified, and we do the foregoing only where we have legal permission to do so.

Portability and Availability: We believe that our Customer’s data should be fully available to our Customers, so our Services are configured to facilitate that (except for data that we have rendered anonymous and aggregated into Aggregate Data).  We also believe that our Customer’s data should be portable, so that our Customers can retrieve their data at any time and copy it or move it to other service providers or software. Our Services are configured to allow the foregoing.

Security: We take steps to ensure that all data in our custody or control remains secure from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, theft or disclosure.  We ask that our Customers cooperate in this by keeping log in and password information confidential and secure, by using strong passwords, by following all policies that we publish with respect to the use of the Services, and generally by using their own good security practices.

Our policy in the event of a breach of security is to immediately assess the situation, determine the level of risk and comply with the law.

Limitations and Disclaimers: It is our policy to ensure that our MSA clearly states all limitations and disclaimers that we rely on.

Contract Termination:  It is our policy to ensure that our MSA clearly states the length of the terms of our contracts with Customers and the rights of our Customers to terminate.

Channel Partners: We respect the relationships our Growers, Dealers and Service Providers have with each other, so our policy is that we will not solicit our Customers to cease dealing with their Dealers and Service Providers, or to cease accessing our Services through the Customer’s Dealer or Service Provider.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions with respect to this Statement or our data policies, or if you wish to request access to, or correction of, your data under our care and control, or if you are dissatisfied with how we handle your data, please contact us at:

Phone: 1 800 941 4811
Fax: 1 888 886 1181

Mailing Address:
PO Box 730
Irricana, Alberta T0M 1B0

Street Address:
330 1 Ave
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