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This past Saturday, October 1st, was the annual Denzil Bunnock (Bones) Tournament in Denzil Saskatchewan.  Decisive Farming sponsored a team in this event, which was put on by the Denzil Rec Board to raise money for community projects. This year there was 33 teams participating. The evening included a steak dinner followed by a bones competition. It was a fun filled evening and enjoyed by all.

The game of Bunnock, also known as Glockenspiel and the Game of Bones, was originally brought to Canada by German-Russian immigrants in the early 1900’s.  It is a game played with horse anklebones.  It has been compared to a cross between bowling and curling, in which the two teams stand on opposite ends of the field and take turns trying to knock down each other’s row of bones. This is done by throwing more bones at the standing bones, and must be done in a specific order.