The PMRA has approved an emergency registration for aerial application of Centurion EC herbicide for control for grassy weeds in broadleaf crops such as canola, flax, field peas, lentils, chickpeas and mustard. The emergency registration for Centurion applies to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This information came as a note from the Alberta Pulse Growers last week. The emergency registration is just for this year and producers are reminded to follow the prescribed pre-harvest intervals. There are already a few products registered for aerial application for grassy weed control in broadleaf crops – products like Assure 11. However, the industry was concerned that there was limited availability of products to deal with this year’s grassy weed situation. In a normal year, in-crop weed control would be over. This year, with so many crops late and with so many weed control issues, another product that can be used aerially to control wild oats and volunteer cereals increases the options available to producers. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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