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Many farms continue to grow in size. Many utilize a significant number of employees. At some point, it makes sense for the owner/manager to step back from day to day operations and concentrate on management functions. That’s a difficult transition for a lot of producers. There’s no doubt that directing employees, purchasing inputs, marketing the production, and doing the financial planning becomes a full-time job at some point. But owner/managers still see themselves as farmers. They want to spend time on the seeder, on the combine or working with the cattle. They don’t feel fulfilled unless they’re in the thick of the action. On most farms, that’s just fine. By necessity, the owner/manager is typically one of the main front-line workers. However, on an increasing number of large farms, the owner/manager should be resisting the temptation to pitch-in and help. The time spent on management functions is too valuable. I’m Kevin Hursh.


Growers who are interested in making better use of their time are encouraged to check out My Farm Manager,an online platform that makes record-keeping easy.  Using My Farm Manager online web tools, farm managers can increase productivity and organization:

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