The Grain Growers of Canada is making some great suggestions for what should be in the next federal budget. Invest in public research say the Grain Growers. They point out that real government dollars for basic agronomic research have fallen dramatically since 1994. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has far fewer plant scientists and breeders than it once did. The Grain Growers of Canada is also advocating a certified seed tax incentive. The idea is to encourage the use of more certified seed, especially on cereal crops, so that private industry has a greater encouragement to investment in cereal breeding. Another recommendation is to adjust capital cost allowance to spur investments by farmers in three categories – on farm fertilizer storage, farm machinery upgrades for precision applications, and improved on-farm grain storage that helps preserve crop quality. The final recommendation is to increase the lifetime capital gains exemption on the sale of farm assets from the current $750,000 to a million dollars. The Grain Growers of Canada argues that enabling retiring farmers to retain more of their life savings helps them pass on their farm to the next generation at a lower price and that would increase the rate of success for many young farmers. You can find the six-page submission on the Grain Growers of Canada website (

 I’m Kevin Hursh.

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