I put about 1,200 kilometers on my truck the past couple days on a road trip from southwest Saskatchewan all the way up to Viking, Alberta and back. Along the way, I passed by Leader, Alsask, Marengo, Kindersley, Rosetown and Swift Current on the Saskatchewan side and Oyen, Hanna and Killam on the Alberta side. The highways had an amazing number of air drills being towed to new owners. Some looked new, while others looked like private purchases or auction sale acquisitions. In yard after yard, air drills were hooked to tractors as producers make sure that everything is ready to head to the field. I imagine that a lot of GPS subscriptions are being activated these days. There were still remnants of snow banks in tree rows and most areas have lots of sloughs, but there is some field activity. There was a high clearance sprayer near Kyle, although that may have just been someone working on settings. Also near Kyle, a Valmar spreader was going in a field. North of Swift Current, manure trucks were busy hauling and spreading from a cattle operation. It wasn’t until I got back to around Cabri that I actually encountered someone seeding – a neighbour just a few miles from my place. If the weather holds, there will gradually be more activity in the field.
I’m Kevin Hursh.