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As we head into spring, flooding is a huge concern in many regions. In anticipation of the needs, Flaman Sales went looking for products that could potentially prevent financial loss for farmyards and homes. As a result, the company is marketing a product called the Flaman Pro Tech Sand Bagger. They claim that with the bagger and two operators, 200 sand bags can be filled in one hour. This is assuming sandbags that hold three cubic feet. The machine will also handle two and four cubic foot bags and well as one yard bags. The price of the bagger is listed at just under $15,000 plus freight. An optional mounted heat sealer for the bags is just under $2,000. Groups of farmers, rural municipalities or towns may find the Sand Bagger to be a worthwhile investment given that filling sand bags by hand is time consuming and labour intensive. Flaman Sales has stories in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Southey, Yorkton and Swan River. If other companies have specialized equipment or services to help address the flooding threat, drop me a note (kevin@hursh.ca).

I’m Kevin Hursh.

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