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Hog prices are finally back in profitable territory and there’s growing optimism about price prospects for the beef industry. On top of that, hay and feed grain supplies should be plentiful in most regions of the Prairies this year. After the long run of bad years in the red meat industry, you can’t blame anyone for holding their breath and worrying about what might go wrong. One such worry is a disease outbreak. There have been recent outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in Japan and South Korea. Both had been considered free of Food and Mouth – Japan since 2000 and South Korea since 2002. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is reminding producers that farm workers or visitors who have recently been in countries where Foot and Mouth has been detected should not be allowed access to livestock for at least five days after entering Canada. Foot and Mouth is a contagious viral disease that affects a range of livestock. The virus can survive on footwear, clothing and equipment for up to five days. There’s no human health or food safety risk, but it can have a devastating effect on animal health and the economic health of the entire industry. I’m Kevin Hursh.

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