How’s your air conditioner working? The late August heat wave is continuing into September. While we’re approaching the normal time for the first fall frost in some locations, there’s no hint of frost in the forecast. We’re building towards a full moon in a few days and there’s a lot of folklore associating the full moon and frost, but that doesn’t look likely this time around. The heat is pushing crop maturity and we’re making up for some lost time. After spring frosts that lasted into June and flirting with frost at some locations in July, fall weather has been kind to us. There are still crops in the province susceptible to frost and the weather pattern could certainly change. However, the calamity of a widespread, earlier-than-normal fall frost seems to have been averted. We shouldn’t end up with gluts of frosted feed wheat and sample grade canola. Concerns over a potential early frost are being replaced with concerns over grain prices. While some prices are still attractive, the market in general has moved down as harvest has geared up. I’m Kevin Hursh. For more information contact your nearest ag reatil DynAgra at 1.800.941.4811

Kevin Hursh PAg, CAC