Saskatchewan producers who have completed an Environment Farm Plan can again receive support for Beneficial Management Practices under the Canada-Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Program. The program used to be handled by the PFRA. Now it’s being administered by PCAB, the Provincial Council of Agriculture Development and Diversification Boards. PCAB has the program up and running, but there hasn’t been a lot of advertising. Many producers seem unaware that there is again funding for a percentage of the cost of projects such as GPS guidance systems to reduce overlap, narrower air drill openers, fencing to protect the environment and remote water systems. There’s a list of categories. Funding ranges from 75 per cent for sealing and capping old water wells to 30 per cent for chaff spreaders on combines. There are monetary limits on the support you can receive and past support is included in the totals. For producers who don’t have an Environmental Farm Plan yet, there are workshops being offered. For all the information including application forms go to I’m Kevin Hursh.