The St. Louis Post-Dispatch had an interesting story on glyphosate prices in a recent edition. The story by Jeffry Tomich says a flood of inexpensive Chinese-made herbicide and deep price cuts by rivals are leading Monsanto to cut profit expectations for Roundup. According to the story, renewed competition from China is coming faster than Monsanto anticipated. Monsanto expects to sell about 200 million gallons of glyphosate-based herbicide this year – 22 per cent less than last year. Still, the company is reported to be continuing the expansion of a glyphosate manufacturing plant in Louisiana that could reportedly increase the global supply by about 10 per cent. The plant expansion is a byproduct of a glyphosate shortage a couple years ago. At that time, prices were rising and supplies were often tough to get, especially the supplies of lower cost generic products. Based on this newspaper story out of Monsanto’s home town of St. Louis, the glyphosate market should become more competitive with better deals available for producers. I’m Kevin Hursh.



Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC