New crop contracts have become more readily available. Some seem attractive. Some not so much. A number of companies are offering new crop lentil contracts. There’s lots of interest in seeding red lentils and contracts are available at 25 to 26 cents a pound with an Act of God clause. Without an Act of God clause, I’ve heard contract prices as high as 27 cents. Large green lentil contracts are in the 25 cent range. New crop canola can be locked in at over $9 a bushel in a number of locations. I’ve seen new crop flax listed at around $10.50. Fixed Price Contracts for wheat are available through the CWB. No. 1 CWRS wheat with 13.5 per cent protein can currrently be locked in for just under $6.00 a bushel after deducting average Saskatchewan freight and handling. Most producers will probably find that unattractive since it’s about 50 cents a bushel below the new crop Pool Return Outlook. Some new crop chickpea contracts have become available. On mustard, contract prices seem to be running around 30 cents a pound for yellow and 24 to 25 cents a pound for brown and oriental. That’s down dramatically from the mustard contracts that were available before Christmas. I’m Kevin Hursh.


Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC