It’s been a tough winter for moving grain off the farm. Most areas have had lots of snow creating a brisk market for snow moving equipment. Clearing a yard site with a dozer or snow blower can be a never ending job if the wind is blowing. It doesn’t take much snow to create trouble for a Super-B. On top of all the snow, it’s been cold on many days making it difficult to get the necessary equipment running. Looking forward to the spring, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. A heavy snowpack will mean lots of runoff and most soils are already saturated. Yard sites are going to be quagmires. By the time yards are navigable, and road bans come off, producers will have to turn their attention to seeding rather than grain hauling. Some yards are well graveled and are on main roads. On the other end of the equation, there are grain bins in non-inhabited yards well off the beaten track. And there are grain bins and grain bags out in the middle of fields. In a year like this one, there can be major advantages to having your grain stored where you can more easily get at it.

I’m Kevin Hursh.