According to the pollsters, nearly a million Canadians support the Green Party. That’s scary when you read their agriculture platform. According to the Greens, we should all be small, organic peasants selling our produce into local markets. Organic agriculture, they say, will help reverse climate change, provide food security, restore soil health and improve human health. They would pay for farmers to switch to organic farming practices. Of course, if a bunch of producers switched to organic it would put price premiums at jeopardy for all organic producers. They seem totally oblivious to all the progress agriculture has made to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly – advances such as millions of acres of pulse crops that produce their own nitrogen and direct seeding that has dramatically reduced soil erosion. The Green Party’s anti-business and anti-science doctrine has little regard for facts, but we need to keep explaining the safety and the benefits of crop protection products and biotechnology or the Greens will continue to win converts.

I’m Kevin Hursh.