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After three years of disappointment, hog prices are back into profitable territory. Unfortunately, the hog industry in Saskatchewan has been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Brad Marceniuk, a livestock economist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture puts out a regular hog market update. Index 100 market hogs in Saskatchewan are currently selling for $157 to $167 per ckg. For a change, most of the major market factors are favourable. U.S. pork exports have increased, there’s less pork in cold storage, and the Canadian dollar has softened a bit. Based on lean hog futures, Canadian prices should remain decent in the months ahead. However, the years of low prices have taken a toll. The Canadian breeding herd, sows and bred gilts, has declined by nearly 20 per cent since peaking back in 2005. As of April 1, the Saskatchewan breeding herd was only 85,200 head, down nearly 12 per cent from a year ago, and down 35 per cent from its peak in 2005. A few empty hog barns have been restocked, but there are lots of idle barns for sale at bargain prices. I’m Kevin Hursh.