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The herbicide world is getting more complicated. There have been a few new chemistries in recent years, but most of the new names are coming from different mixes and brands. One of the new chemistries is sulfentrazone, which goes under the trade name Authority. At this point, it’s only registered for chickpeas, but it looks like a great product for the control of kochia. There’s another brand of glyphosate this spring. Great Northern Growers, which involves the Skinner family at Wilkie, has introduced KnockOut Extra, which it says has added competition to the glyphosate market in time for spring burn-off operations. Viterra has started its own branded product line. Its newest release is a herbicide called Pulse Star, which is the same active ingredient as Pursuit. Viterra is also marketing Foothills A, which is the same as Horizon NG; Wildcat, which is repackaged Puma Super; Broadside which is Refine SG and MCPA Ester; and a product called Cypress, which is Horizon and Target. It’s really difficult to keep track of all the new product names, chemistries and uses. Spectacular cases of crop damage can occur if you get things wrong. I’m Kevin Hursh.


Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC