Cattle prices have been trending upwards in recent times. Prices right now are substantially better on all classes of cattle than they were a year ago. Statistics compiled by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture show the average price of a 600 to 700 pound feeder steer at nearly $1.12 a pound last week. That’s about 18 cents a pound higher than the price in mid March of 2008. On 800 to 900 pound steers, the price last week average 96.5 cents a pound, nearly 16 cents a pound better than last year. A similar difference exists on the live weight price of slaughter steers. On D1 – D2 cows, the price last week ranged from 41 to 59 cents a pound, about 8 cents better than a year ago. There are big problems in the beef industry ranging from packer concentration to the American country-of-origin labeling. The beef breeding herd continues to contract due to low or even negative margins. But prices do look considerably better than a year ago. I’m Kevin Hursh.

Kevin Hursh, PAg, CAC