What is Farm Innovation?

From the first prairie homestead to industrial ventures emerging from a farmer’s backyard shed, the spirit of innovation has always been central to farming. We’ve seen this industry transform from manual labour, to the industrial revolution, to ag-tech. Running a farm has never been easy and farmers have had to work hard each and every day to create an innovative and sustainable farming culture.

The future ahead will bring new capabilities with more data sources, intelligent robotics, and better data insights. Our challenge is to not lose sight of the many opportunities that each farmer has in making new tools work for their unique operation.

About the Quantified Farm Conference

The Quantified Farm Conference is an annual event hosted by Decisive Farming that brings together growers, technology innovators, and key service providers in the farming community to accelerate the adoption and deployment of farm management tools.

Every year, we focus on educating growers and keeping the community up to date on state of the art technologies that promote the integration and measurement of farm data. The conference provides a relaxed environment that balances learning and networking in scenic Banff.

This year, the Quantified Farm Conference will bring together sessions and keynotes that celebrate the innovator within each of us. We will look at the various ways that innovation continues to improve the business of farming and how today’s farms are using innovative methods to create new opportunities.

“You’re broadening your horizons and hearing what others are doing and learning about the cutting edge of agriculture today.” – Maurice B, Grower

What to Expect at The Quantified Farm Conference

Year after year, attendees describe The Quantified Farm Conference as informative, fast-paced, entertaining, and a great way to network with the most progressive growers in Canada. Here is what you can expect:

Engaging Speakers

Presenters from various fields will investigate how connecting the key performance metrics on your Farm can lead to greater insight, improved efficiencies, and better decisions

Group Social Event

Your ticket includes admission to a special dinner and networking event at the Park Distillery located in the heart of downtown Banff.

Informative Workshops

Join us on December 6th, 2017 for engaging workshops to help you improve your farm performance and manage risks. Stay tuned for more details.

From precision farming to ensuring food traceability from farm to fork, The Quantified Farm will allow you to do what you do best and let technology do the rest.

Tickets for the 2017 Quantified Farm Conference are on sale now!

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