Know-Risk Farm Management Update Feb 21, 2014

1.) USD Currency Exchange Added

For USD positions (i.e. Minneapolis wheat) in Know-Risk the Mark to Market Value “MTM Value” in the reports is now “MTM Value (CDN $)”. Know-Risk will now automatically convert USD positions into CDN dollars by factoring in the currency exchange.  Making MTM more precise and convenient

2.) Cross Hedging Added

Know-Risk is now able to accept cross hedge positions and will factor it into your profitability. For example if using soybeans to hedge canola, you can now enter those positions into Know-Risk. When you run the profit report it will show the soybean position; provide it with Mark to Market value and include the volume in the percentage hedged.  Making your hedged position even more accurate!

Thank you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Remi at 1-800-941-4811 ext 6