A labour disruption is brewing at CN Rail. The Grain Growers of Canada has sent a letter to the federal Minister of Labour asking for both back to work legislation and “an immediate and appropriate dispute resolution process in the event of a labour disruption…” We haven’t had a major grain transportation problem in this country for a while now, but even when things are running smoothly we have a terrible record in getting product to customers on a timely basis. Add in regular labour issues and we hand our competitors a big advantage. In recent months, there has actually been some kind words uttered about rail service. Few observers believe all the problems have been solved, but things have been going well. However, with a labour dispute at CN reaching the boiling point, groups have been lining up to tell the federal government that a disruption in service is unacceptable. Unfortunately, sources indicate that there is a huge level of distrust between CN management and the unions. The relationship has even been described as dysfunctional. While the federal government will hopefully ensure that any work stoppage is brief, it isn’t good news for shippers to have CN and its workers at odds.

 I’m Kevin Hursh.

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